Saturday, June 11, 2011

The U.S. educational portal beckons international students.

My Global Education- a website that immediately impressed me with its crystal clear, step-by-step navigation that also did not confuse me about the purpose of the website. My accolades to its web site designer.

It is an U.S. education portal offering various degree programs. The way it makes one decide what he wants to study based on his preferences is the highlight of this useful website for students.

Let me explain. If you are passionate about accounting jobs and you are clear about where you would like to work in this world, My Global Education then offers you various degree options and based on your basic choice, it then broadens the scope of equipping with you the right degree to fulfill your career options.

Please visit the website right now and you will know why I am all praise for it. In addition, please spread the word.

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