Saturday, June 18, 2011

Cheaper ink cartridge options.

Are you aware that the prices of ink cartridges have come down? After nearly 6 years of paying through the nose for HP ink cartridges, I finally listened to wise suggestion from my system technician and bought a new Canon all-in-one printer.

Like everybody, I too refill the empty ink cartridges twice before throwing them away and buy new ones. My new Canon printer has a useful feature. On the dashboard of the printer, there is an indicator of the ink level in the ink cartridge. This is very helpful to be prepared. We all get caught unaware when we see the message ‘ink cartridge empty’ invariably when we want to print a document urgently.

Ink cartridges for Canon printer are cheaper than HP ink cartridges. Also, I find the quality of the ink is much better than HP ink. However, I should admit one fact; the HP color ink produces stunning color pictures. It is not so with Canon ink cartridges.

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