Sunday, May 15, 2011

The women bloggers in India.

Where have you all gone? I have subscribed to more than 30 women bloggers but they have not been updating their blogs regularly. All of them write so well and interestingly too on myriad topics.

Recently, I have befriended (digitally of course) a woman blogger named Kavita Tata. She runs a blog at

Her Tweets are frequent and related to my niche. All my earlier women bloggers friends use to blog about blogging, blog promotion, blog monetization. Now they are all replaced by Kavita.

Are there more of you women bloggers? Are there any from Chennai.? I met a few women bloggers from Chennai some time ago. They are all interested in movie gossips only.

May be I should seek Kavita's help in finding more women bloggers from India.

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