Friday, May 06, 2011

Did you try Aloo Panneer Tikki?

What would Gavaskar and other cricket commentators would say if they visit Hyderabad now? I was there yesterday. It was blazing. The dry heat kept driving to the water bottle.

Even at this weather, the food was excellent as ever in Taj Mahal hotel; I thought it was even better than six years ago. I remembered Gopal, a hotel staff who used to offer good service. I met him yesterday. His faces showed age and the heat.

Hotel Taj Mahal added a few new dishes in their menu. I tried Aloo Panneer Tikki. It was a big dish served with 4 different accompaniments. In addition, it was filling. I had to skip dinner.

There was more crowd in Kacheguda railway station, most of them were women wearing black veil.

The railway station sold fresh cold water at cheap rates.

I like Hyderabad mainly for the food and fruits.

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