Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Can HGH be used to grow hair?

I won! At least I thought I won. It took time to convince an old (really old) friend of mine that she can use hgh to regain her crowning glory. A decade ago, she attracted glances even from men who were 20 years older. She had a stunning mane, lustrous and raven black.

Nature, I thought was a bit cruel on her. She quickly lost hair and now her baldness is clearly visible. I told her human growth hormone (hgh) should work for her. She argued against my advice on the grounds that all the HGH ads and banners indicated that people use HGH to build muscles.

Yes that is true but that does not mean that HGH will refuse to grow cells in other parts of your body-right? If the human growth hormone’s main function is to grow cells in bones and tissues, why can’t it act on the same cells responsible for hair growth?

I then took my friend to several forums where her doubt was raised and answered positively by several users.

When she left me, her face still showed rays of skepticism. May be if she sees hoardings that advertised HGH as a hair growth stimulant, she would be more convinced.

It is the advertisements that run our life these days-eh?

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