Monday, May 23, 2011

Can all older men take HGH supplements?

I know she was wrong the moment she spoke to a group of teachers that hgh supplements would work within 7 days after taking them. Obviously, she was ill prepared and possessed half baked knowledge.

HGH Releasers:

HGH supplements are meant to release the necessary hormones from pituitary glands. Yes, I would rather not call them as HGH supplements but as HGH releasers. I am sure to get the hottest criticism for re-naming it.

Another important aspect I wanted I wanted to covey the health volunteer that HGH is a strictly prescription medicine and none should be encouraged to walk into a local pharmacy and seek the chemist’s recommendation.

HGH is known to cause serious side effects. What worked absolutely perfectly might prove to be detrimental to another who can be a same family member; irrespective of the popularity of the product in HGH supplements review sites.

Finally, not old men and women are recommended to go for hgh supplements..

I took the speaker aside and briefed her about these HGH facts. She invited me to speak at the next gathering.

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