Friday, May 20, 2011

How can you smell anything good off a cigar?

I glared at my husband. He did not cringe. Later, I realized I should not have behaved like that. After all, he was only showing his knowledge about don tomas cigars though he never smoked a cigar in his life.

A retired politician known to us for long, suddenly dropped into our house. He smokes cigars. During a relaxed conversation, he recollected his days with my husband’s father who had once gifted a box of Don Tomas Clasico cigars. He now lamented that it is no longer available in the market.

My husband intervened to suggest he should look for Don Tomas Sun Grown- favorite of many in the U.K. Sun Grown is equally good he informed. It is said to come with a rare floral flavor.

I could not restrain myself any further. I burst out asking, “How can you smell anything good off a cigar”?

The two men exchanged glanced but chose not to answer me.

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