Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The best dress for yoga!

“Don’t you think it is too late to join yoga training?” I asked one of my former students who is now operating a yoga studio. She vehemently disagreed with me and showed video clips of her yoga training sessions in which several women who are much older to me were flexing their body.

Most of them wore shorts while a handful sported yoga pants. I cringed. I could not visualize myself walking in a fully occupied room in shorts. The young yoga master pacified me that I can wear anything in which I feel comfortable.

I still was not sure. With the dress code matter settled, I quizzed on myriad things that sounded silly to me when the yoga studio owner left me.

I watched the video again and tried imitating one or two yoga exercise with my churidar on. I realized that I was conscious only on my dress and not on the exercise. Wearing shorts should be sensible but I could not reconcile myself to stand in shorts in front of strangers.

Finally, I settled for a pair of yoga pants.

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