Monday, May 02, 2011

Reading an enzyte review.

I squirmed in embarrassment even though it was my husband that posed this question: “Malathy, did you ever happen to read an enzyte reivew; I would like to know more about the supposed to be number one selling maleness booster?”

Though I have not read a review of the product, I did glance at an article or two about Enzyte. Men the world over are obsessed with the fear of disappointing their wives. They pick up all sorts of misinformation here and there about how and why women prefer only men with big libido and how men are driven to depression when their women shun them away in such matters.

We all age quite naturally. The blood supply to various parts of our body slows down resulting in shrinkage. Therefore it is natural for men to see their reproductive organ to diminish in size.

Enzyte and other similar products only work for a short period. While older men might seek these artificial boosters, I detest younger men to use such products. They should not be used as models endorsing them.

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