Monday, May 23, 2011

IPL is heading towards predicted result.

Did you notice the behaviour of some of the Mumbai Indian players? It seems the presence of Tendulkar emboldened them to behave not in a sportive manner. The other day, when they got the thrash from Rajasthan Royals, Ambati Rayudu seemed to have abused Shane Watson for hitting a six.

We all saw the clash between Munaf Patel and Amit Mishra. Mumbai Indians could not take defeat sportingly. I wish Sachin should take a note of this. I am an ardent fan of Sachin and I know he is the best sports man this country has ever produced.

Murali Vijay.
Everybody is asking what is wrong with Murali Vijay who seemed to possess immense potential as a big hitter. I ask what is right with him of late. I wish to see him outwit Gayle in the next match.

CSK will win the final
CSK will win the IPL because of M.S. Dhoni's big heart and excellent attitude.

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