Friday, May 20, 2011

New diabetic supplies for type 2 diabetes.

Blood glucose testing, showing the size of blo...Image via WikipediaThe man who brought a nice looking tray full of diabetes supplies had look on his face that was all eager. He knew he had found a potential client. Both my husband and my mother-in-law are diabetic.

Diabetic testing supplies:
The sales man must be have been very experienced. He knew diabetes patients are always looking for new testing ways to find out the blood sugar. I know diabetic testing methods have come a long way since the days diabetic patients spent nearly 3 hours in a testing lab to give blood for testing blood glucose, eat something there and wait for 90+ minutes to test the blood again.

Now, in less than 30 seconds, my husband is measuring his blood sugar level with a prick. What else can be done? Why he is still looking for new ways to test his blood sugar? I suppose he is searching for a method to test blood glucose without extracting blood!

The sales man showed me a new glucometer where inserting the blood tinged testing strip is more convenient.

He bolted when my husband asked him will it reduce his blood sugar without taking insulin injections.

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