Thursday, May 03, 2012

How Doximity helps physicians.

One of my husband’s friends came back to India about 4 years before. He was working somewhere in Windsor as an Internal medicine specialist. He came to my house yesterday for lunch. When I asked him if he is touch with his ex-colleagues, he said no.

Then I told him about Doximity, a superb concept that enables doctors to access other doctors in any field of medicine to seek professional collaboration.

In a quick 3 step process, physicians register in Doximity and their up to date profile indicate their branch of medicine, where they are presently working and in what capacity etc.

I then showed him a sample profile of Dr. Lorissa Segal MD, also a specialist in Internal Medicine. Doximity is the only network that has combined such valuable information into cohesive profiles.

After he thanked me, he admitted that his decision to leave the U.S. is a costly mistake though he is doing well in India.

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