Thursday, May 03, 2012

What is the implication of a recurring dream?

I have this crazy habit of reading several years old Reader's Digest. The articles, stories, jokes and the real life drama are always refreshing to me even after I read again years later.
Here is one such trivia that I am sharing with you.
Everyone of us without exception would like to know the answers to so many questions that arise in our daily life.

What is the best cure for headache?
Is it a good day to start a business?
Are cats good pets?
What is the implication of a recurring dream?

If only we have a book that asks and answers all our common questions...?
We are not that fortunate but the Chinese are. They have what is supposed to be the oldest almanac in the world called "T'ung Shu". It means "Book of myriad things".

Do you know the date of this almanac? Hold your breath; It was produced in China in 2256 B.C.

It contains folk remedies, charts and predictions, proverbs, palmistry etc.

Source: Reader's Digest.

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