Saturday, May 05, 2012

Bothered about blackheads?

I could not control myself any more. I have been restraining myself thus far from voicing my opinion about the obsession on getting rid of the acne scar among the youth these days.It is painful to note that they are taking extreme steps to cure acne and the scars that pimples leave behind.

Acne scars commonly known as 'blackhead' are not at all permanent! Blackheads will disappear in due course.

Nevertheless, people have no patience. They want a blemish free face now if not yesterday. There is no point in a knee jerk reaction. A little knowledge about acne, the types of acne and why they appear only on certain types faces would greatly help people to avoid getting acne.

People spend time on useless pursuits online. They even boast about how much time they are on social networking sites and shopping malls.

Internet can be much more useful in gaining insight on fundamental health issues. I have read extraordinary information about natural ways to get rid of acne scars. They are available if you look for them.

Some of the easily available natural remedies to cure acne scar:
* Lemon
* Sandalwood
* Honey

Google images.

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