Monday, May 21, 2012

Most disappointing thing about IPL 5

The most disappointing thing about IPL 5 apart from watching CSK's poor show is the quality of advertisements.

All the previous IPL ads, especially by Vodofone were absolutely great. The zoozoos by Vodafone, the pug dog by the same advertiser were captivating.

This year, not a single advertisement is entertaining just like CSK's performance.

Though I wanted Chennai Super Kings (CSK) to reach the last four, I did not like them to be there by sheer luck. Bangalore deserved it more than any other team. I am very sad for the sake of Chris Gayle whose game gave us all so much pleasure. He gave it all but stood betrayed. Sorry mate!

But then, Royal Challengers Bangalore depended on Gayle only and that proved to be their downfall.

Cricket is not a 'one man show'.

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