Thursday, May 03, 2012

A review of Duranto Express.

A week before, my husband traveled to Coimbatore from Madras through Duranto Express train. What he recounted is no match to my own experience when I rode on the same train last year.

Here is my husband's review of Duranto Express train:
* The coaches were already infested with cockroaches.
* Since it is a non-stop train covering nearly 500 KMs, the water in the toilet soon ran out. There is no way to fill the water tanks again.
* Lunch served in sealed packets were difficult to open with hands. My husband told me he clumsily tore open a packet of salad spilling the contents on the floor.
* The waiters behaved excellently and helpful.
* There was the usual delay in reaching the destination on time.

Would he travel again?

"Yes and no" said my husband.

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