Thursday, May 17, 2012

Social butterflies are not favoring Google+

What would you say when someone asks you if you are a social butterfly?

I would not stare as I guess it to be something to do with my online presence in social media sites such as Linkedin, Tagged, FaceBook and Twitter.

Yes, I have a presence in them all and more but I am sure I made no impact on other personal bloggers like me because, I have no updates about games, gadgets and video clips.

I read somewhere recently that visitors to your blogs who happened to be there because of your social media signals, spend on average 50% more time than those who land on your blogs through search engines!

I don't know how far it is true but after updating myself with Google's Penguin updates, I am forced to agree with what I read.

I am a bit surprised that Google+ is not a hot destination among social media butterflies. It needs more time to attract social media butterflies as its garden has not yet started blooming.

Summing it up, social profiles and updates are more engaging than blogs.
I am stumped.

visitors have no problem hanging out.

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