Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Can Regency Beauty’s president and CEO answer my questions?

“Mala, do you know by any chance whether Regency Beauty Institute offers a training on owning and maintaining a spa?”-asked my beautician. She is a middle aged woman running a moderately profitable beauty parlor near my home.

I was taken aback by her question. She kindled my curiosity. In fact I too want to know whether there is a special school for spa or is it part of a cosmetology course. Of late, I see more advertisements of spa parlors in exotic locales alluring customers with unheard of spa treatments such as tender coconut water bath mixed with African rose petals.

* I wonder how such beauty treatment methods are conceived!
* Is there a research going on unique beautifications?
* Is there a separate research department in leading cosmetology schools such as Regency Beauty Institute that has more campuses than any other vocational school chain?

May be, Hayes Batson, Regency’s president and CEO can answer my questions.

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