Saturday, May 26, 2012

Add some spice to this summer fruit salad special.

This bowl of fruit salad's main ingredient is Mango-the king of fruits. Actually, I found out this while I was seraching for another stunning image of mango recipes on Yahoo! As usual, Yahoo! played hide and seek but it worked out to be beneficial as ever.

This is hot summer. Our body long for any juicy fruit. Which is better than mango when it comes to juicy, pulpy and sweetie?

The other ingredients (apart from mango) in this fruit salad are:
* seedless black grapes  
* peaches,  
* strawberries
* unsweetened desiccated coconut
* caster sugar
* Kashmiri degi mirch or cayenne pepper
* mustard powder (optional)
* Salt

I look at the ingredients and the cooking/preparation methods of any recipe that I get attracted but try my own imagination bypassing (ungratefully) the original recipe.

If you have the above said fruits and other ingredients but still want to stay loyal to the author of the recipe, please visit

Don't forget to say thanks to Brenda Houghton, the author of this 'Spiced Seasonal Fruit Salad'.

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