Thursday, September 29, 2011

World’s largest network of Cosmetology Schools.

I am a firm believer that every human being is beautiful in some way without ever having to enhance their appearance. Still, I agree a cosmetology school trained beautician can work on you on request but only to a certain extent. Actually, a beautician boosts more of your self confidence than the looks.

Long ago, I remember reading a catchy slogan of a lipstick manufacturer that said, “We don’t sell lipstick. We sell confidence”. Naturally, that lipstick sold more than any other lipstick. The confidence of the lipstick manufacturer in the product was viral.

Would leading cosmetology schools such as Regency Beauty Institute touch upon such finer aspects of beauty selling in their training? After all, their graduates sell a service that is high in demand always.

I guess Hayes Batson would be aware of the values of copywriting. As the CEO of 80 cosmetology schools in the U.S. she would know how to train her students in all aspects of beautifying both the body and the spirit.

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