Friday, September 23, 2011

More business means poor customer care.

In the last two weeks, I traveled deep in Tamilnadu and visited many vaishnavite temples. While the stay, food and the perumals were excellent, I did not enjoy the bus travel.

The buses were terribly crowded. They moved at less than 30KM per hour on an average. The behavior of the bus conductors were rude. They were so polite about 30 years ago. Man, where they have all gone!

When I have certainly improved my social behavior in the last three decades, I found it the other way in many places including hotels and restaurants where at any given time, the tables are full.

It must be the crowd that is getting at bus conductors and hotel staff.

Many ancient temples are in deplorable condition due to lack of patronage where as popular temples located conveniently attract more people these days.

Ah yes! We all want comfort even to pray and we would like very much to head back to the air-conditioned hotels rooms immediately after exiting the temples and that's why we prefer to go to temples that are conveniently located.

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