Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Chemical free iron remover from the water.

I don’t know who said water has no taste, no color, and no odor! Come to India and you will find colored water that has distinct odor. We face different water related problems in different seasons. Traditional water softeners save our skin and clothes for a few months. Before we could heave a sigh of relief, the water from the tap comes out in reddish color indicating the presence of iron.
Ignorance in these matters leads us to use chemicals to oxidize the iron. Today, I accidentally found out an iron remover from water without chemicals. On further exploration I learnt about a gadget that looks a like an electricity consumption measuring meter. (see image)
How it works:
Iron and other contaminating matters in water are removed by some sort of advanced filtration method and air is used to oxidize the iron present in the water.
Our apartment could use this immediately.

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