Tuesday, September 06, 2011

New range of blue tooth headsets.

I showed this lovely looking pen drive to my son yesterday. It is a 4 GB pen drive made by Kingston. My son commented that it is a typical lady’s choice; men don’t prefer lavender color computer accessories. I gave in. Next he inquired whether I am aware of the falling pen drive price.

I told him at what price I bought it. His grimace suggested that I did not do an intelligent shopping. He reminded me of consumermate.com from where I once bought a mobile phone. I was told that they now introduced accessories for both mobile phones and laptop computers.

Oh yes! How can I forget it? The site has got so many consumer friendly features like ‘ask the expert’, complaint filing and discussion forum where a prospective buyer can transform into an informed buyer by reading all the discussions.

I was chatting with my son through Skype powered video. I saw him wearing an odd looking hands free headset with mic. I have never seen such a gadget. Before I could ask him, the connection was disconnected.

I took the opportunity to browse the Bluetooth headsets at consumermate.com Hmmm… quite a range of hands free headsets there. In addition to my favorite Jabra whose bluetooth headset price remained steady among its competitors, I spotted the cheapest from Hip Street at just Rs.999

I also managed to find what my son was wearing. It is 'Airtube wireless' that is not yet available in India.

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