Monday, September 19, 2011

Why some celebrities are dangerous?

Naturally I was attracted to click on the headline at Yahoo! news that said about the most dangerous celebrities in the world. I thought the statement was a bit bold to accuse them as such.

I was amazed why they were considered dangerous when I read the full story. Do you want to know who 'they' are?

Here are some:
1. Heidi Klum-supermodel and TV host
2. CNN talk show celebrity Piers Morgan
3. Cameron Diaz

Who considers them as dangerous?
Internet security software giants like McAfeee

Invariably sites that feature their wall posters are infected by cyber criminals. Often they lure people to websites that are laden with malicious software.

The ploy though disgusting is intelligently conceived.

Is Lindsay Lohan among the list?

I am a fan of Lindsay Lohan. I looked up to see whether she is also considered as a dangerous star fervently hoping not to find her name.

Alas! She was very much there though ranked a lowly 18th. Some consolation for me!

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