Wednesday, July 04, 2007

The most profitable domains.

I completely agree with Marcin-we rarely get the domain we want for our niche blog or website. We use all our creativity(?) to come up with a short and sweet domain that is very apt to the niche.

But when try to register it, we learn that it is already taken.

Here is a nice tool to search for keyword rich domain that is mentioned in that blog. Using that tool, I got the data below.

Keyword Price ($) Wordtracker Trends
garden fountains2.03wordtrackertrends
cement garden fountains0.88wordtrackertrends
spanish garden fountains0.71wordtrackertrends
garden fountain1.45wordtrackertrends
solar garden fountain1.38wordtrackertrends

Marcin then gives a nice tutorial on how to proceed further with the results.

This is the second of results when I refreshed that page:
Keyword Price ($) Wordtracker Trends
vtech cordless phones1.86wordtrackertrends
vtech cordless phone1.99wordtrackertrends
vtech cordless phone headset2.82wordtrackertrends
vtech cordless phone batteries3.27wordtrackertrends
vtech cordless phone i58711.79wordtrackertrends

Thank you Marcin.

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