Friday, July 13, 2007

Don't leave your mobile screen naked.

Everything looks flashy alright when just bought but soon will lose its sheen. We also tend to take proper care when we buy a mobile phone that is new brand new.

In less than two weeks, we neglect our daily cleaning process and the glittering screen accumulates grime and dust.

Protect your mobile phone screen with Vikuiti Anti-Reflection Matte Removable (ARMR) Film that is designed for residue-free removal and replacement in the field. Like other 3M anti-reflective films, ARMR provides display protection, reflection and glare reduction, and offers the easy-to-clean top surface so fingerprints and even permanent marker simply wipe away. ARMR is available in a variety of sizes including master sheets and it can be trimmed with a rotary cutter, or very sharp blade/scissors.

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