Saturday, July 14, 2007

Location based email list.

Sometime back, a member in my blogging community sent me a private message.

I am looking for a reliable list broker who can help me with a list of students residing in North Carolina. Since you are in the online teaching field also, I thought you would know where I can purchase a responsive list”

Obviously, he over estimated my credentials. I didn’t have a clue about his request.

Suddenly I remembered; I did a website research a few months back on direct marketing based on a web release by So, again I looked up on them, browsed a bit to refresh my knowledge on e-mail marketing and Responsecom, a potent, proprietary blend of U.S. Response and U.S Consumer databases.

Since Martinworldwide deals in lists for every type of business enterprises that includes gardening enthusiasts, timeshare owners etc, I encouraged my friend to contact Chip Matthews, Client Relations Manager at and inquire about his requirements.

No, my friend did not fill me in about further developments. I guess he must be very busy with the list. It is said to be very responsive.

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