Friday, July 13, 2007

How to minimise internal risks?

Before starting to blame external threats for breach of security, business houses and major hosts are asked to plug the leak that is most certainly would happen due to inside jobs.

Thouigh I would not foresee this hacking in India, western countries repeatedly report such crimes.

So what are you doing to prevent an inside job?

According to a March 2006 Enterprise Strategy Group survey of 227 IT professionals, “employees and on-site contractors were cited as the most likely threat to confidential data security.”

The first step is to create a company-wide policy. Ideally, this policy should include “physical, technical, and human factor elements,” says Mitnick. For example, terminated employees should immediately lose access to not only the physical office, but to the computer network as well.

Keep your OS up to date
New password policies
Monitor employee computer use

If your business, or simply your IT department, is too small to handle this type of project, consider hiring a consultant or VAR to help put a system in place, says Mitnick. With luck, taking these steps will help you to protect your computer networks inside and out.

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