Wednesday, May 01, 2013

Do you have dental fears?

I think it is almost without exception that dental fear is common to all. I am terrified to seek an appointment with a dentist. We can even be prepared for a skull surgery but we would certainly back out at the mere mention of tooth extraction or root canal treatment.

The pain associated with any type of dental problems would create fear instantly. It is no wonder statistics reveal that dentists are the most feared out of any type of doctors. 

Cause of Dental Fear
Why dental fear is so prevalent? After all, the pain associated with it won’t last more than day when compared to any other forms of surgery.
             Previous terrible experience with a dentist.
             Fear of being embarrassed or ridiculed for your dental condition. This is quite problematic since your own fear is also the reason for your dental neglect in the first place.
             Fear of the anesthesia shots and needles registered by the dentist before proceeding to any dental procedure.

Overcome dental fear
I learnt to overcome dental fears by visualizing a pain relieved night after dental appointment. The fee minutes would pass on and surely, we can see 9 PM in my watch and by then, all would be over.

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