Sunday, April 28, 2013

I want Dhoni to read this blog post

Gambhir might have indicated his readiness to lead India. A section of media who is partial to him might have blatantly reported Gambhir's ambitions. But we, the wise cricket supports in India are not ready for Gambhir. In fact, we don't want him in the Indian cricket team ever in all sorts of format.

He doesn't deserve to put on Dhoni's shoes.He is hot tempered and cannot hide his displeasure on the cricket field. The whole world saw how he behaved with Kholi and with L.Balaji recently.

To prove a point that God is watching him, he lost his stumps in a heap to ball from Azar Mehmood. Oh, how we all cheered that sight!

If KKR cares to find out, they will realize that KKR is not cheered outside Calcultta. Yes, the presence of Gmabhir in KKR gets the team all the jeers and boos. I want Dhoni to read this blog post. "Dhoni, the last year defeat against KKR in the final still hurts. Please beat them black and blue today. Don't ever lost against KKR and MI".

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