Saturday, May 18, 2013

Come on CSK, eject RCB from the tournamnet.

Chennai Super Kings

However tempting it is to voice my strong opinion about the latest scandal in IPL, I have resolved to keep quiet. As the proverb goes, you are guilty only when you are caught. Therefore, there is really no point in blaming the culprits and appreciating others.

I am writing this after the yesterday's match result between RR and SRH. Down at 5 for 3 and the SRH managed to win RR is hard to digest.

Well, coming to today's match for CSK and RCB, I think the CSK would win comfortably ejecting RCB from the contest. I am eagerly looking forward to the CSK match. If Dhoni brings in Duplesis instead of Holder, we can see CSK scoring above 200 today.

I think Jadeja is going to play a vital role today with the ball.
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