Sunday, May 05, 2013

Can you send a SMS without a valid mobile number?

We all send SMS from our mobile phones. Do you know how to send a SMS from your mobile phone so that the receivers cannot call you back?

Do you think it is not possible?

Ask AIRTEL and they will tell you a way.

Yesterday, I received a SPAM SMS from mobile number reading 91880024852. Like so many fraudulent messages, this also informed that my mobile number won 3.6 crore rupees and also a Chevrolet car asking me to furnish my name, address, mobile number etc to the email id  I tried to call the message sender only to hear a message that the number is invalid.

So, even without knowing my mobile number, they sent a SMS and asking me to provide by mobile number.

My mobile phone connection is from Airtel. I am sure thousands of people in India would be receiving such emails regularly. There are no laws to catch and punish them.

The only way I see to stop such nonsense is to punish the mobile phone service providers who gleefully allow the fraudsters to use their services.

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