Sunday, May 12, 2013

Colorful fruit drinks for the summer.

A popular internet marketer lead me into content curation. When explained the concept of content curation, I thought I was already doing it though not as professionally as the internet marketer explained vividly.

I pondered over it, mentally composed several curated content, researched my content resources and wrote a mini guide on "How to curate content' to increase blog readership. It is in final stages before I cook up courage to publish it.

This blog post is based on the concept of content curation. I love colorful fruit based drinks. I started collecting some of the best looking fruit juices and mocktails from a few resources, Pinterest being the major contributor.

Here are some of the best fruit drinks for the summer.

This is called Blue Hawaii Jelly Shots

The main ingredients are:
Strained pineapple juice
Knox gelatin
blue curacao liqueur
coconut rum
Rose's lime juice

For recipe, visit

Here is another called  Jamaican Bob Marley Daiquiri. 

Champagne  with pink cotton candy

If you searching for coolest summer drinks, I have just saved you valuable time.
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