Sunday, May 19, 2013

If you have ignored Facebook marketing thus far, read this blog post.

I am not a statistics buff. I hate going through pointless figures even though I am basically a mathematics teacher.
Nevertheless, I realized that to be a big money earner in the Internet, one has to meticulously go through various stats given by Google Analytics, Alexa and so on.

Look at these interesting figures that would encourage anyone to try Facebook marketing in full swing.

According to Syncapse
- 28% of Facebook fans are likely to be brand specific
- 41% of Facebook fans are likely to recommend a product they are a fan of, to one or more friends
- The average value of a Facebook fan is $136 annually

The last figure goaded me to read with increased care. Are you with me thus far?
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People are going to buy from those they trust. Facebook allows you to build two way communications with current and potential customers. Make your page a place where fans want to stop by often. Have interactive dialogue, make informative posts, offer coupons or giveaways, and more. Build your Facebook page to best reflect your products and services and who your target market is.

For example, the demands and needs of college students is going to be much different from single moms or entrepreneurs. This means you need to know who your target market is in advance.

This is a field which I feel less tapped.

There are many who have cracked the secret of making Facebook pages as a valuable marketing tool, that maximizes their revenues and the numbers of brand loyal consumers. Don’t be afraid to learn, try, and explore. Keep what works and toss out what doesn’t, but never forget that Facebook pages do work, and they work exceptionally well.

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