Saturday, March 30, 2013

What are the credentials of an Internet jounalist?

I thought people would not ask questions when I tell them that I am also an Internet journalist apart from being the CEO of MB Math Academy. Thus far, none embarrassed me; but, yesterday was an exception.

I ran across a top notch offline newspaper journalist who asked me to show my credentials. I retorted that I don't carry a badge and hung it on a YoYo like you people. I belong to the world wide cyber space. This immediately shut him up.

However, I extended my visiting card that bore my various blog URLs and told him to go and visit them which are my credentials. Smart of me-eh?

He was a little embarrassed that he can't show cause his journalistic portfolio just like that. As per Govt. of India, I am called a freelance journalist. I added 'Internet' before that.

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