Wednesday, March 13, 2013

For best results for CRM

I got lured into the funny  side of being a CRM profession by my son’s anecdotes of his professional life as a CRM executive. My fundamental love for communicating with new people was ab added quality to like CRM (customer relationship management).

The first time I started applying my CRM knowledge in a real life situation got backfired because I did not know that the strategy for Customer Relationship Management may differ from company to company.

Most companies who take Customer Relationship Management seriously believe it is the entire organizations responsibility to ensure total customer satisfaction. It is believed every job works hand-in-hand and everyone is working toward the same goal.We know that every department works together for the company’s performance and as such, every employee of a company is a CRM man and require professional training from the HR department.

Everyone must work together toward the same goal of customer satisfaction to provide the best results for Customer Relationship Management possible.

However, not all companies believe it is the entire organization’s responsibility to keep the customer happy and provide an excellent experience.

Such companies dig their own grave.

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