Wednesday, March 06, 2013

To buy the best china cymbals.

Probably, the musicians are the most sentimental people that I have known. Whenever they were satisfied with their own performance, they note down several things and try to repeat them on their next stage show.

If you happen to look at their notes, you will be amazed at how such minute details are considered as success givers.
·         * The time they left their home
*     * Omens they noticed on their way
·         * Even the route taken to the theater

Similarly, musicians always buy their music instruments at a particular store. I know of a friend who always likes to buy cymbals at Guitar Center. Though he is my close friend, I don’t like the sound he makes.  The crash cymbals make a sharp noise that resembles the noise when metals plates fall down.

I would be visiting his music studio today evening. I am sure I would pick up some interesting anecdotes to blog about.

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