Thursday, April 04, 2013

KKR vs DD-a review.

I can't wait to fire off my caustic criticisms after every IPL match is played. I am avid viewer of IPL cricket. Like every passionate follower of cricket, I too think I know more cricket than Sachin Tendulkar and I have the knowledge to review a T20 cricket match completely.

The first match between KKR and Delhi Dare Devils was a disappointment. DD played the most unprofessional cricket. Every player looked jaded, as if just waken up rudely.

The absence of Sehwag hurt the team's prospect badly. Bret Lee bowled beautifully for KKR. He instills a sense of terror among the opposition. KKR team looks solid on paper whereas DD solely depends on Mahela. Poor man, he played his heart out and stood among the losers.

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