Tuesday, November 06, 2012

How to Sell a Diamond Online?

There are times you may have to sell a diamond either through your contacts or through any websites. The internet is flooded with information on ‘how to buy a diamond’ but there is a dearth of information on ‘how to sell a diamond’.

 The reasons why you want to sell diamond don’t really matter to the prospective buyers but getting the best possible price is what counts for both the parties.  The way to obtain the best price for the diamond is to not be in urgency. Do your research carefully considering various options.

Of course since you bought your diamond some time before, you would have gotten it appraised.  It is advisable to get two or three appraisals from reputed diamond merchants to get an accurate idea of the diamond’s value. 

Rapaport Value:
Be knowledgeable while discussing with diamond appraisers by asking for the Rapaport Value. This is the wholesale value of the diamond, and it basically tells you the highest price that you can sell your diamond for. 

Diamond certificate:
You are like to bargain for the best price if you declare that your diamond has a certificate of purity awarded by GIA. 

Avenue to sell your diamond:

* First, try to sell the diamond yourself by asking around with your friends and family circles.
* Next, seek a genuine diamond merchant and offer to sell for quick cash. However, don’t go to any pawn shops!
* Put it up in online auction sites such as ‘eBay’. It is a very good place to sell diamond.
* Place free a classified advertisement. There are umpteen numbers of them on the web.
* Go to reputed jewelry shops and inquire around. Do not settle for less than 80% of the value of the Rapaport Value. 
* Here is a place to sell your diamond. http://www.diamonds2cash.com/

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