Saturday, November 17, 2012

The truck driver who sold me seat covers.

Majority of the truck and pick-up truck owners don’t bother too much with their vehicle’s interior; they only take interest in the running condition of the vehicle. Yesterday, a Ford pickup truck delivered some furniture at my house.

The truck driver was a jovial man with a ready smile. When I openly appreciated the look of his vehicle he proudly showed the interior that was newly fitted with ford f150 seat covers. I again appreciated his choice of seat covers which made him offer a free short ride in his vehicle which I politely refused.

He requested me to draft a letter thanking the Ford truck accessories dealer that supplied new seat covers exactly as he wanted.  I did a quick search in Internet and came across a testimonial of a truck driver that sounded very honest (see below).

Based on that, I composed a short and sweet letter of appreciation of service, took a print out and gave it to the pick-up truck driver. He told me next time when I buy seat covers for my car, I should buy from his dealer.

I would remember his jovial outlook for a longtime.

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