Tuesday, November 20, 2012

How can printers increase their business volume every year.

The idea of printing brochures and other trade printing requirements every year is not a pleasant task.  It has been always difficult to convey to the printers what exactly we have on mind. In addition, they keep revising their rates (upwards only) which force us to look for cheaper quotes.

It is a compromise that ends in poor quality printing. Every year, I used to print thousands of flyers announcing the new batch start dates and also congratulating the previous math toppers. This task of hiring printers and getting them to deliver on time used to be a big headache.

I believe trade printers should enhance their quality and offer some sort of loyalty discount to their clients. Such a wonderful business concept is adapted by zooprinting.com, leading printers of brochures, stickers, flyers, door hangers, posters and business cards.

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