Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Astounding service by HDFC bank, Korattur.

I went to the HDFC bank, Korattur branch today to open a current account in the name of eSchool India.

It is my company name for the educational franchise business that I took up recently.

The manager of HDFC bank, a woman with a smile explained about various formalities to open a business account that involve getting the proposal approved by their Guindy branch which then needs to get a recommendation from their auditor.

This involves running around. The monsoon is vigorous now and it has been raining heavily. The bank manager told me she would get all things done for a small fee. I paid up thanking her sincerely.

Finally, she told me that I should make a rubber stamp for signing the application and the check book. I was taken by complete surprise when she offered to get it done. A rubber stamp procured by the bank on behalf of the customer is an ultimate service!

All these conversation took place in the comfort of her cabin.

This is an unbelievable customer service that no nationalized bank in India would offer.

HDFC bank should be voted as the best bank in India if not in the world.

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