Saturday, November 24, 2012

Aswin Vs Swann.

Any ardent cricket lover who have watched so many spinners from different teams of the world would sat why Aswin is not able to take more wickets. He is a fighter and he works hard but not that is not obviously sufficient.

Aswin is tall and so are most of the English batsmen who have great reach. Look at how Peterson and Alister Cook stretched themselves to block the ball bowled by Ashwin comfortably.

Aswin's length should be in such way that even tall Peterson should be afraid to go neither forward or backward. That is what is called a teasing length. Occasionally Ashwin bowls at such length but the next ball is bowled at a different spot thus not making use of the earlier spot that beat the batsman.

Swann bowled intelligently. I am sure he did his home work properly. He is good. 

If you have watched the Pakistani bowlers Hazan Raza and Abdul Hafeez bowl, you would have noticed how consistently they bowl at a particular length that ties batsmen stubornly making them to commit mistake out of frustration.

I am a big fan of Ashwin. I wish he scales new heights.

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