Tuesday, November 13, 2012

How to keep the pool water sanitized without adding chlorine.

I found it tough to explain about ecomatic salt cell and how it can help the water in the swimming pool sanitized without adding real chlorine to the water, to the house keeping manager at a beachside resort we had been to last month.

It took more than 25 minutes for me to gain insight about salt chlorine generator with the help of my husband who was once worked at a water purification plant. It is a common practice to mix liquid chlorine to the swimming pool water as a sanitary measure. Though it causes considerable discomfort to the swimmers, it cannot be avoided. 

There is a solution to this long standing issue. Salt chlorine generator cell liberate chlorine from the salt present in the water making the water naturally sanitized and at the same time swimmers won’t complain of red eyes.

These salt cells last several years and hence the running cost of maintaining the pool is considerably reduced but still the water is pure.

Since the resort manager was not technically knowledgeable, he simply could not understand what I was trying to convey.

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