Wednesday, October 03, 2012

What is the difference between Plasma TV And LCD TV?

Whether we have a shelf for books or not, we all want a large-screen TV. This is evident from its sales that has skyrocketed lately.  It is obvious that that everyone wants one. The large-screen TV  look sleek and offers stunning visuals. 

I always wanted to know what the exact difference is between plasma TV and LCD TV. I believe plasma TVs were launched long before LCD TV followed by LED TV. 

What’s next series of alphabets?

I am like most people,  have no idea how the two differ but I know there are differences.

What are they?
The are eight ways plasma TVs and LCD TVs differ.
1. The first difference is not known to many. Plasmas TVs are made of chemical compounds called phosphors. LCD TVs use millions of liquid crystals. I am sure this is the first time you are hearing about this fact.
2. Plasmas don't come in smaller sizes; so forget about installing it in your kitchen.
 4. Next is the angle of viewing. Plasmas tend to have a wider viewing angle.
 5. Are you aware of the fact that Plasmas can suffer from burn-in effect and  LCDs don't?
6. The next area is life span. You can replace the light source with an LCD, thereby bringing your original picture back. With plasmas you can't.
7. Come to Color! LCDs produce sharp, lively colors. Plasmas produce warmer and more accurate colors.
8. In the areas of brightness and contrast, I heard the Plasma TVs score over LCDs..

Do you know of any other differences?

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