Tuesday, October 16, 2012

The U.S. fever is still hot.

I did not believe when I heard sad and bitter experiences of several of my friends who are also looking for a suitable bride for their sons. I thought they were exaggerating.

Now I am tasting the same fruit. Yes, I do not like the taste even though the fruit looks attractive.

Some, rather most of the demands from the bride's side appear preposterous. One parent of a bride who actually responded to my matrimonial ad even asked me where my son studied. I refrained from sending him my son's mark sheets.

Several girls insist on getting a U.S. based bridegroom. The U.S. fever is still hot among Indian brahmin community.

I heard one girl even insisted that the boy should not be living with his parents! I wish this 'not-so-friendly' trend to change soon.

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