Saturday, October 20, 2012

The best outlet in Chennai to buy inverter.

I took more than 15 days to shop around for an inverter and battery before finalizing a deal with Emac Power Solutions located in Valasarawakkam, Chennai.

I read several articles on how to buy power backup, educated myself and went on a hunt online. After I told my needs to every call from dealers of various brands of inverters and batteries, I came to a conclusion on what I should purchase.

* 850 VA pure sinewave inverter
* 150 AH tubular battery

The next move was to find out which brand is the best of the lot. After some research, I decided in favour of Microtek. Two dealers advised me to buy Su-Cam inverter and battery.

I did further research and realized the two dealers spoke honestly and correctly.
I called up one of them but he could not serve me even though he was knowledgeable. In addition, he never returned my call after promising to get back to me.

Finally, I called up again the other Inverter dealer who was very courteous during the telephonic conversation, sounder knowledgeable and agreed to install the power backup in less than 4 hours and he did that exactly!

His name is Gowri Sankar. I believe he is one of the owners of Emac Power Solutions.

You can contact him at 91 99404 43440.

I wish the company has a web site or at least a Google Plus Page that I could build for them and teach them how to promote it for a discounted price.

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