Thursday, March 29, 2012

Who are the best mobile Internet providers in India?

I don't know how and why my dear Madras is slated to be a big metropolitan city! I measure a city's growth by the internet connectivity that also indicates its infrastructure.

Yesterday, I got a call from one of my blogger friends who is moving to another part of city where there are no telephone lines! In spite of that, the real estate prices there are unreasonably high.

Since she is a freelance content developer, she needs good internet connection. She is unsure of the speed of wireless internet connection provided by Reliance and Tata. I told her that I am very much satisfied with my Reliance data card but she has her own doubts.

In the wake of it, I happen to read a question and answer web page on "what are the best mobile internet provider in India.

I read some new inputs about the subject.
* Vodafone is not customer friendly
* 3G connection doesn't offer good speed than normal connection.

Read all bout it here:

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