Saturday, March 31, 2012

Laptop with illuminated keyboard.

I am still looking (I know you too) for those elusive laptop computers that either run on solar batteries or contemporary light weight lithium batteries that last longer. The world of laptop buffs are ready to pay a higher price if they are assured of laptop battery that doesn’t dry out of energy for at least 12 hours.

It is a vexing issue that has not been resolved though other aspects of portable computers have seen big technological strides. The size shrunk and the weight too is considerably lowered.

Another change that I want to see in laptop computers is keyboard with a light beneath the keys. Most of the times, the light is not enough while travelling in a bus or a train. I don’t know about flights.

Laptop manufacturers are offering big hard disc space, 4 GB Ram etc which a laptop user never requires.

If you interview a set of people who are physically handicapped and ask them what they want in a laptop, you are bound to get fresh ideas.

Are you with me?

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