Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Which fruit is the best during Indian summer?

Along with the hot summer sun, we all would see headlines screaming with 'foods that beat the summer'. A newbie would click on it immediately with genuine interest.

People like who are always attracted by lovely pictures would tend to click if the article carries an image of some new food that puts the summer heat away from the body.

But seasoned Internet information seekers would not even give a glance at these headlines in Yahoo! or Bing.

As I belong to the second category, I clicked on an image of something orange that turned out to be the elixir of life 'Amla' aka 'Gooseberry'. The image of them looked odd in orange color. I have never seen amla fruits in orange color-have you? An ornithologist would say they are eggs of big a bird.

Ritika Samaddar is a popular dietician. In her article for Yahoo!, she says that amla also reverses the aging effects that the Indians abhor because of harsh summer sun.

She further adds that "Gooseberry strengthens the heart, hair and different glands in the body, as well and can be drunk at any time of the day."

She is right. Only, big and juicy Gooseberries won't be available during summer in several parts of India.

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